Limited Edition Brazilian Lime Gin

Inspired by Brazil Bright green and sun kissed limes from Brazil are the juiciest out there. They add a zesty kick to this smooth gin. All eight generations of the Whitley Neill family tree shared a taste for discovery, and Johnny is no different. Here he is bringing back fond memories of his intrepid travels across South America in the ’90s, sipping on sparkling lime-infused drinks and enjoying delicious food accompanied by juicy wedges of sunshine-filled Brazilian Limes.

Tasting notes

Tasting notes Nose – Zesty, freshly peeled South American limes are balanced by a herbaceous punch of freshly picked piney juniper. Palate – Refreshing and bold lime oils fill the palate, complimented through subtle hints of cassia bark and lush yet grassy angelica root. Finish – Robust notes of sunkissed lime peel and lime sorbet, finished off with earthy sweet undertones of liquorice root. Perfect for a classic twist on Brazil’s national drink, the “Caipirinha” or zesty Gimlet.

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Abv 43%
Size 70cl

Limited Edition Brazilian Lime Gin