Sadler’s Brewery

Sadler’s mission is to create a passion for their unique craft beers and spirits, including the infamous Sadler's Peaky Blinder range.

Pub with Sadlers pumps


Sadler’s Ales were founded in 1900 by Nathaniel Sadler and later expanded by Thomas Alexander Sadler, the brewery supplied its twelve tied public houses, the most famous being the Windsor Castle Inn, Oldbury, the original Brewery tap house.

Peaky Blinder

The Peaky Blinders were a criminal gang based in Birmingham, during the Victorian era. Members of this gang wore a signature outfit including the famous peaked flat caps.

A number of violent street gangs such as the Blinders, the Sloggers and the Birmingham Boys became highly organised and had vast amounts of political control and social power. The most famous of all the gang leaders was probably Billy Kimber.

Billy Kimber was a relative of the Sadler family and the gangs back in 1900 regularly visited the Sadler’s pubs. The brand has dedicated several of ales and a lager to the gang and as well as creating the Peaky Blinder Spirits range consisting of an Irish Whiskey, a Bourbon Whiskey, a Spiced Dry Gin and a Black Spiced Rum.

Peaky Blinder beersKegs of Sadlers Ale