Minus 33 Expands Range with Passionfruit & Mango and Rose & Peony Distilled Spirits

Loca-Lab, creators of the ‘world’s first’ juniper distilled spirit Minus 33, have expanded the portfolio with two new, full flavoured variants – Passionfruit & Mango and Rose & Peony, which boast a saving of up to 600 calories vs other flavoured gins[1].

Minus33 Botanical Spirits Range

All natural ingredients, no added sugar, and under 48 calories per serve

With over half of consumers worried about sugar consumption and looking for lower calorie drink options[2], Loca-Lab launched Minus 33 back in 2015, providing consumers with a great tasting gin alternative – with just 46 calories per serve and an ABV of 33%.

As with the original, both new variants have been carefully crafted using only natural ingredients, with no added sugar and no artificial additives. Rose & Peony is a delicate infusion of Minus 33’s distilled spirit with rose petals, hints of peony and hibiscus flower, boasting an organic colour, and pairing beautifully with lemonade or tonic and a slice of lemon. Whilst Mango & Passionfruit is a crisp, naturally sweet, sun-kissed twist on Minus 33 using tropical fruit  – perfect paired with a tonic and slice of mango.

Sam Trett, creator of Minus 33 comments; “Minus 33 came to life back in 2015. I was frustrated about the lack of innovation within the spirits category and keen to try something new and genuinely different. Over many months I experimented with test tube alchemy and traditional distilling methods, and ultimately came up with our very first expression – Minus 33 Juniper Berries.

“Over the past few years it’s been clear that the craze for flavoured gins isn’t likely to slow down any time soon. However, consumers are increasingly aware of the high levels of sugar and calories that their favourite flavoured gins may contain, with two thirds stating that they would choose a sugar free flavoured gin over one which contains sugar[3]. Our Minus 33 concept taps perfectly into this demand, so we’ve expanded our range with two fruity new flavours, which are ideal for those looking to enjoy their favourite tipple guilt-free this summer”.  

The Juniper Berries, Rose & Peony and Passionfruit & Mango variants are available in 70cl bottle, with 33% ABV. They are available to order now in the U.K.

[1] Per bottle (based on – a bottle of 42% ABV gin has 1669.92 calories from alcohol. Added sugar usually is 95 to 100grams /litre. There are 70grams of sugar for a 70cl bottle @ 3.865cals/gram = 270.55. Total =1940.47. Passionfruit & Mango contains 1344 cals, Rose & Peony contains 1316 cals, and the Original Juniper Berries has 1288 cals

[2] Mintel data, 2019

[3] Mintel data, 2019